Sep 10


Now gypsum plaster not only use for ceiling but we make a new analyze or new project with gypsum plaster to apply to wall so we can create a lot of wall design. This design not only use for house but it can use for office interior, cafe interior, mall interior, etc…

Dec 11


Many People use Gypsum Plaster for their house drop ceiling design. One off them called gypsumboard but now i am analyze that gypsumboard has make by gypsum plaster and it has something like hard paper or cartoon cover this gypsum plaster. And this gypsumboard not safe from insect. One day this gypsumboard will be crush or broken cause that insect eat this hard paper. Thats why i found a new product by myself so i make this gypsumboard without cartoon or hard paper and then i name it Plasterboard. This Plasterboard is safe from insect and safe from fire.

Dec 2


Gypsum plaster is very safe from fire cause it has some kind materials cannot burn by fire. So gypsum plaster not only use by ceiling design or interiors design but in other countries they use as passsive fire protection and fireproofing too. The plaster provides a layer of insulation to retard heat flow into structural steel elements, that would otherwise lose their strength and collapse in a fire. Early versi

Nov 26

Gypsum Plaster may also be used to create complex detailing for use in room interiors not only specialy for ceiling design but can use design for wall or others. These may be geometric (simulating wood or stone) or naturalistic (simulating leaves, vines, and flowers) These are also often used to simulate wood or stone detailing found in more substantial buildings. Gypsum Plaster not only use for interior ceiling design but can use for exterior design but gypsum plaster mixed with other special cement so this gypsum plaster will be hard and not easy to be broken. Cause if this gypsum plaster use for exterior and not mixed with others materials, it can’t handle from cold weather or hot weather for example rain, sun, and this subject can make this gypsum  plaster broken slowly.

Nov 26


If you use a gypsum plaster to make your ceiling design you have a lot off advantage. One of the advantage is this gypsum plaster has save from fire. Gypsum plaster easier for the installation cause just have many step. This Gypsum plaster free from insect.

Nov 19

Design Plafon Ruang Tamu
This is One of My Ceiling Design Made By Gypsum Plaster at Graha family that is the one of the real estate in Surabaya.

Gypsum Plaster by Zenith Design

We have a design, production of gypsum plaster, and also we give installation the gypsum plaster ( CORNICE ) of ceiling design for home, office, mall, etc. Gypsum Plaster has two kind of different things, the one is called the sheet that made by gypsum plaster. The name is Gypsum Plaster Sheet. And the other one is called Cornice. That made by gypsum plaster too. Now Gypsum plaster is very usefull and very famous. A lot of people us gypsum plaster for their home ceilings design. We also sell only product without instalation and a lot off ceiling design for your home, office, mall, etc. We will help you to handle and solve the problems ceiling design that made by gypsum plaster. We not only as a ceiling contractor or ceiling designer but we provide for graphic design services and also interiors design services. Our services it start from Indonesia ( Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta,…etc) and the others city also other country in this world..So call us so we serve you….Thank you for your attention….

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